NGO call for Canadian peacekeeping contributions

The following letter was sent to Prime Minister Trudeau on April 7, 2020.

Dear Prime Minister, 

Even as the COVID-19 crisis rages across our world, the peace of the world also urgently needs your attention. Canada’s support for the UN Secretary-General’s global ceasefire is much appreciated. The United Nations also has an urgent need for help with its peacekeeping operations. Canada can help fill the need, especially in the Mali mission. So, a number of peace groups are writing you the attached letter calling for your leadership in making a substantial Canadian contribution. Please find the letter attached in English and in French, along with a two-page brief outlining why the Mali mission is an excellent choice. With the UN Security Council vote coming up, it would be important to show that Canada is renewing its commitment as a prolific peacekeeper, which it was for decades after it proposed the UN’s first peacekeeping force. 

Dr. Walter Dorn 

President, World Federalist Movement – Canada

Professor, Royal Military College & Canadian Forces College

Letter from NGOs (English, French)

Brief: Reasons for Canadian Contributions to the UN Mission in Mali