Tracking the Promises: Canada’s Contributions to UN Peacekeeping

Dr. Walter Dorn, 11 June 2021
Using the monthly UN data for 30 April 2022

Canada has pledged to the United Nations and the world community to provide substantial contributions to UN peacekeeping. Specifically, major pledges were made at the Peacekeeping Ministerial in London, UK, on 8 September 2016 (pdf) and at the Peacekeeping Ministerial in Vancouver on 15 November 2017 (pledges). In the 2019 election campaign, the Trudeau government promised to “re-engage” in UN peacekeeping, the same promise made in the previous election campaign. After the 2019 election, the Defence and Foreign Ministers were tasked to “expand Canada’s support for United Nations peace operations” (Defence Minister Mandate letter, 2019). 

This webpage tracks the status of implementation of these government promises on UN peacekeeping using easily measurable statistics, the latest figures, historical commentary, and benchmark data for key commitments and past contributions. It draws conclusions for each promise and conclusions overall.


Latest stats
Uniformed Personnel
Women in Peacekeeping
Uniformed Personnel at UN Headquarters
Training for UN Operations
Intellectual/Political/Policy Contributions
Government’s Self-Evaluation
Conclusion (Overall)

This material is updated on a monthly basis (around mid-month, after UN statistics for the previous month-end are released). Also available on Dr Dorn’s website.

An op-ed on this subject, summarizing this content, was published in the Toronto Star on 22 August 2019.