Government’s Self-Evaluation

The government provides its own self-evaluation of the results of the promises from the PM’s mandate letters at, which redirects to  In October 2018, it listed the peacekeeping commitments as “Underway – on track,” defined as “progress toward completing this commitment is unfolding as expected”. In December 2018, this was downgraded to “Actions taken, progress made.” That self-appraisal status has not changed.  The government’s self-evaluation that fulfilment of its peacekeeping promises was “on track” in October 2018 was inaccurate. The government’s downgraded self-evaluation of “actions taken, progress made,” starting January 2019 and continuing to October 2019, was more accurate but also indicates how far the reality is from the promises. Only one mission has been added by the Trudeau government since 2015: the Mali mission but this support function was provided for only a year. Afterwards the uniformed personnel contribution fall to an all-time low.

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