Pledges: Made as part of the “Contribution of police and up to 600 military personnel” (2017 Vancouver commitment, “advancing” the London pledge):
Tactical Airlift Support [C130 aircraft]
Aviation Task Force
Quick Reaction Force (QRF) [approx. 200 personnel]
New Police missions being examined [vague]

– The aviation task force was deployed for one year in Mali (with the aeromedical staying an extra month). This contribution has passed.
– The transport aircraft unit (C-130) is being provided for UN service, based in Entebbe but it was suspended in February 2020 out of concerns about COVID-19 and Ebola. It began in August 2019, after the agreement was finally signed that month. But the plane is only offered for five days a month, diverting form the NATO mission in Iraq.
–The plans for the deployment of a QRF (e.g., in Golan Heights (UNDOF) or Mali (MINUSMA)) is being examined as a possibility.

Conclusion: only a fraction of the pledge has been fulfilled and with the Mali deployment being so short, Canada is letting the UN down.

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