Uniformed Personnel at UN Headquarters

Pledge: While no specific pledge has been made in this regard, service at UN headquarters provides an important way to make a significant contribution, to gain experience in UN planning, procedures, and priorities, and to view the inner workings of the world organization. Positions to support UN peacekeeping should be in Department of Peace Operations (DPO) or the Department of Support (DOS). For the military, the placement would be within the Office of Military Affairs (OMA) within DPO.  

Current status (military)
UN employment: (out of more than 120 personnel serving from over 70 countries)
Gratis personnel: 1 (legal advice to the UN office dealing with Sexual Exploitation and Abuse)

History: Canada provided the Military Adviser to the Secretary-General (MilAd, who is head of OMA) from 1992 to 1995 (Maurice Baril, Major-General at the time, later full general and Canadian Chief of Defence Staff). The last leadership post held by Canada in OMA was Chief, Military Planning Service (Col. Dave Barr, serving 2011-2015).    

Current status (Canadian police in UN Police Division) 
UN employment: 0

Civilian positions: these are not contributions made by UN member states but are individual hired by the UN. However, in a major advance, Gilles Michaud, formerly with the RCMP, was appointed (30 May 2019) as Under-Secretary-General for Safety and Security.  Although the position is won on merit, it is usual for governments to support their citizens who are seeking such high-level positions. Still, is not a secondment from the Canadian police so it is not considered a Canadian governmental contribution. 

Conclusion: Canada is lagging far behind other nations in an area it once led.  

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